Friday 17 October 2014

in the reflected sky @ University of Cambridge

Tuesday: vinyls installed, bookmarks placed! Delighted and excited! 
Thanx to Footprint in Cambridge for cutting and installing our vinyls. Thanx to  Casimir Lewy library at University of Cambridge for being so accommodating.

in the reflected sky has been installed as part of Art_Language_Location festival. 


installation and publication

The title in the reflected sky comes from the opening lines of Vladimir Nabokov’s Pale Fire, where the protagonist watches a waxwing fly into the window pane. He further goes on to observe the reflections that project onto outside, suggesting a hint of something beyond in the reflected sky.
in the reflected sky is an arts installation that examines perception of reality through the fluid world of reflections on the window. Window acts as a threshold between two separate worlds of the inside and the outside, that get merged onto its two-dimensional surface as a collage of skies, walls, trees and people. Pane is a magical space, a barrier and a portal into this illusionary world: images on the window look deceptively three-dimensional.
in the reflected sky consists of:
1. window vinyls, that draw on birds’ inability to recognize the phantom world of reflections and our experience of the window as an object and as a space.
2. sky bookmarks, that will punctuate Casimir Lewy Philosophy Library: they will serve as a threshold between Nabokov’s poem and academic writing.
3. a publication will be available for sale at the ALL hub in Waterstones.

Location (window)
Collective Investigations location
Raised Faculty Building
Sidgwick site

On the large picture window opposite the lawn at the Raised Faculty Building
Opening dates and times
24 hours

Location (bookmarks)
Casimir Lewy Library
Faculty of Philosophy
Raised Faculty Building
Sidgwick Avenue

The library is located on the second floor of the Raised Faculty Building. The nearest entrance for the Library is opposite Lady Mitchell Hall.
Opening dates and times
Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location (publication)
Waterstones Bookshop (Top Floor)
22 Sidney Street


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