Wednesday 20 July 2016

MA Book Arts show & South London Gallery - a few WOW moments of one day

As were walking across Camberwell, Chris, George and myself were talking about how exciting it is to see something new: new, meaning an unexpected arrangement of old building blocks, which makes you go "WOW, clever/nice/beautiful/thoughtful/etc.!". We were talking about that as we were walking towards South London Gallery and Camberwell College of Arts MA shows.

This post is a about some of the WOW moments of that day.

1. Luis Camnitzer Art History Lesson no.8 @ South London Gallery

Empty slide projectors arranged around the room casting irregular rectangles of light onto the wall in a seemingly random sequence. Art history (as well as literary history, or any other history in fact) is written by those in power, and tends to exclude certain accounts (including Latin America’s). The work’s empty projectors present viewers with a space within which to imagine and, potentially, write these “other” narratives. Don't you think it is a particularly bookish installation?

2. Tim Burrough Silver on Gold @ Camberwell MA Book Arts Show

Tim's final work consits of an installation and a book Silver or Gold, which address the layering of memory and the impermanence of those layers though a volume of text, printed across  pages with only one layer (book) or one word (installation) visible at a time. The whole installtion, in fact

3. Wenjing Mou Sun in Smog and Under the Mask @ Camberwell MA Book Arts Show

Wenjing's final work considers pollution in China as it’s main subject. Photography is essential to her works - the viewer navigates though sequences of images establishing the connections between the space of the book and reality of what it represents. Wenjing uses Chinese paper, articulating fragility of the environment and reinforcing the cultural and spacial associations. Here is a nice interview on the subject

4. Lena Wurz 
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, -line
out_ -                            @ Camberwell MA Book Arts interim Show

Lena's work is different. Beautifully simple yet visual, it consists of layers of papers with only remnants of textual symbols visible from behind the corners. The absence of text is very much there. It speaks of the relationship about the presence, the assumed, the supposed, the expected and balance between them all.
Lena is not graduating until next year. Very intersested to see what her final show will be like! 


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