Wednesday 14 October 2015

GUEST POST: I read to the middle (Seekers of Lice)

“today I would portray the world from an ant's-eye view 
and tomorrow as the moon sees it”     
Hannah Hőch

I read to the middle objects put where as she went out and in
the middle lye in bed that contains them brushed slight against it
sheets of clean newness (envelope) coat hung in the bed
papered and enveloped light cuts them out -room doorway she beneath

what do you want

meaning she had a diamond

would live forever
beneath the lamp sold for a coat of fox fur over forever sheets the
two fingers laid on your coat a coat of astonishing beauty the overcoat and the moon rose
skin with meaning diamond became fox beauty she changed the bed sheets each

each day a cough signed she was

make out self's feathers

odds and evens oddness added
there her heart beat faster like air and habit following breadcrumbs
(beating) under the covers collapsing a mathematical room undoing dangers
eating bread and butter end papers oddness each time tell something re

-vealing tearing dis

yawn and trail trying to be plain

wondering as she wore it
-traught clothes off about what's not plain at people in her mind who
as precedent of what pretence of understanding saw cruelty of beauty and
breadcrumbs laid trailing of hardening steeled (Larionov and Goncharova)

I'm beginning to see how it

what if it all turned in

it's strange nonetheless
might go don't talk what -side out if skinned accounting for things
of sonnets on shirts fox cries for its fur trying to keep fed a
of the skin of things fox sharps monstrous fabulous teleology each day

each day cleaning the filter

rubbish and cherish

hastening towards you
take out the rubbish such dazzling beauty now and now and now
accounting for things could the fox be more is that the true answer?
devious and interesting undone without precedent this now is a true story

how true in a sleepdream

parting and longing

striking like a match
writing around talk of ev- it's strong and fond the bread rising
erything quick jump the more powerful than strong and fond it's
lazy dog's back lust which lusts of soft like your inner thigh

& all the rising nothingness

in the cold yellowish sky

he loves even the dog on
a beetle walking breaking the journey the street his beloved lives
across the bed or sky egg blue there's a little spy hole
where there's no bedhead returns to life a dead hero and even the dog sees

should we be more

swan geese migrating odds

the yellow river the blue
at odds with one another Mongol Daguur to Yangtze River river the Yangtze river

Poyong Lake and Fengsha Lake afternoon light on the

the wintering ground jagged grey mountains

the fractured of days

pupin coils at the ready

no status flayed & visceral
dailiness of microfarads resisting current resonance sometimes the hero is cut to
light stray currents monotonous whine pieces and put together again
iron grey saturation electric loneliness only to read the story's feather

what the poet did or said

like a private letter

tonight the moon's so big
talking of nothing a clod ex babbling beyond all measure when pins & needles I sleep
empt our stories words et hurrying on roses love flee new phone needs no pupin coils
-iquettes touching -ting passions eat now! describe your muscle-thoughts

describe an ashtray

semolina lemon

 the yellow beak of day
a heart a muscle a stilt a letter he says or so you've had the
a wound a suture a structure a suture say-so ten lines tenden-
a letter a stilt ambition regret tiousness of song or lilt

babbling beyond all measure

groin crotch and lap

we thinking we
lilt like a private letter without one of us know something hidden
I'm half-hearted half- she wrote it on her groin the wood grain laps
baked but rising like dough the paper printed on her lap & swells

within crystals particles

ultramarine peach slick

unfocused close up (lips) the
move like ants or flocks of birds stroking the side of your ear shape of heat bodies make
colloidal suspension ear is lucent licking your lips pleach parfait heliotrope flash
something blurted cobwebs brush the floor without the yellow beak of

strongest on earth

mysterious mould on the wall

I've come to tell you
a limpet's tooth to pleasure flies you and me the sun's warm no scores but
day still over-excited still exercised still fantasizing blossom on brick
eat what you're good at

blossom stutters stum

the nightingale's voice

I've come to tell you
-bles more like itself that and nothing more I've come to tell you
logic ends in lucent liquid shivers falls to seduce you

thumb's prick tongue

I dream your body

flurried particle on particle
my skull-bone flêche dream of fleshly flesh and chance alerts you to your life
thighs muscles of this shivers flurried lead vibrates along the line

we part and simultaneously

we part and simultaneously

embedded in such varietals
(bird cherry) he's lost & (bird cherry) he's lost & to the right of her groin
look what's come to light look what's come to light a golden hair

rude mechanics of limbs

what touch or itch

you think of lips

canto della moscha
what hot and screech and all around we screech of lightness
inside outside ver all around the small things slip
-min apple-pink skin we hone ourselves hairs pollinate

apple-pink skin

palpable sun in an
thin insects' bodies   I've come to you empty room you
moths combs dust
entering room and sunlight
so purposeless
waiting to be felt

palpable she notes it

withal and happy

impatiently patiently tuned

static blossoms to fizz 

seekers of lice is an artist and writer working with text through artist's books, poetry, interventions, exhibitions, installations and performance. Recent books include Encyclops. 2014 ( if p then q), and Fly-leaf, which is currently being exhibited in the 7th International Artist's Book Triennial in Vilnius, Lithuania.
seekers of lice has work in many public collections including ten books in the Artists' Book collection at Tate Britain, and has published work in magazines including VLAK, Rattle and onedit.

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